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Making The Scene

January 12, 2010 4 comments

I’ve never really been part of a scene, I’ve never really been part of The Scene. By *The* I mean the Transgender scene, the nights, the parties, the events that make up the Trans community. This I must add, is not down to any sniffyness on my part, mainly down to my slight social clumsiness, lack of opportunity and bad time management. I did attend a support group in Derby for a year or so and made couple of pals, but it wont no scene (sic).

I guess one of the problems was my short window of post outing, pre transitioning. There was a time just breaking out into the light that I would have jumped at the chance for a boogie in a fabulous outfit and dangerous heel. (Though in the heels it would have to be a very tiny jump). Once I’d surged headlong into fulltime working womanhood, my priorities sort of  changed. Not a conscious thing, and I could be accused of forgetting my roots (which if you look at my dyed hair I still do), but I just seemed to want to get on with being a woman, so if I went out clubbing it was with my long standing non scene friends. I think looking back I may have missed the boat a bit (hmm missing the boat a “bit” could leave you wet), missing the opportunity to cement some real, rather than virtual friends.

“What is this ‘ere Trans Scene, you talk about ? ” cry those Gender deficient non T readers. Well, just like the preverbal Iceberg it bigger than you see, and too can be a danger to shipping. Starting out, low key at the birth of the home internet revolution groups like the fabulous UK Angels (after today’s news I’m glad they didn’t plump for Angels4UK) site grew, and grew along with networks up and down the country. The pinnacle of this is the huge Sparkle event running over a June weekend, in Manchester, where the trans community stands together as one, shouting “We are here”, “We are proud to be Trans” and “Where did you get those shoes ? ”. I’ve no idea of the exact number of Trans people in the country but I will confidently and wrongly estimate it to be at least 3 0 million (most just don’t know it yet)

So why am I blathering on about the Scene now. Well next Friday week there is an event to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the UK Angels, and I am considering making my debut. Two reasons. Firstly I want to meet a few of my internet buddies I have garnered over my twittering, blogging and facebooking. For me it’s not about meeting fellow trans travellers, but just meeting good people. Secondly I want to pay my respects to the Angels group. Like any internet forum, it is made up of a spectrum of lovely and less lovely people, but I am absolutely steadfast in stating that if it wasn’t for this group, and its early days chatroom I would never have moved beyond thinking that I was just a bit strange and nestled myself deeper in the closet.

So If anyone sees a semi mobile, badly made up fridge sitting in the corner at a Milton Keynes or any other Trans Scene event, please say Hi, or at least wave.

..and for those of you who a stuck in a single gender life, have a rummage in your closet, you never know what you will find back there