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of Cats and Pigs

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As this blog is titled “of Cats….” there ought to be a feline quotient, else the title is a pointless Steinbeck based pun, with myself cast as Lennie

Photo-0006_e1Cat #1 My history with cats is somewhat chequered. Our first family cat was called Suzie, who I understand was packed off (or maybe put down :-/) after it tried to claw the then 3 year old pre- Jenny’s eye. I’m not sure how I provoked her but maybe it was the innate wonkiness of that right eye that sacred it. I never did get to know Suzi, although somehow I do feel responsible for her fate.

Cat #2 came along when I reached the dizzy heights of 9 years old, and was named Suki because it reminded my parents of the name Suzi, and reminded me of my guilt. Suki lived a full and contented life, until long after I had flown the cat basket. My overriding memory of Suki was her extraordinary skill with a ping pong ball, (though thankfully not in that Thai prostitute way).

Cat #3 arrived alongside married life. Spooky, so called after Mulder’s nickname in the X Files …”I’m Jenny and I’m a geekaholic”. Spooky would have been better named as Spooked as she was as neurotic and jumpy as a frog in therapy. You only had to shoot her a quick sideways glance and she would either go for the jugular or scamper up the curtains. Spooky was happy in her own jumpy world until her territory was invaded by Saffy the Borderline Collie (part Collie, part Something) with unlimited energy, limited intelligence and no regard for personal space. In hindsight we should have guessed that Spooky and Saffy would not mix. A case of opposites repelling, Spooky disappeared before Saffy’s second bark, only briefly resurfacing 3 weeks later to check if the Hound of the Basketcases was still in residence. We never saw Spooky again, but choose to believe she hooked up with Scully cat to hunt aliens and find the truth about dogs. The dog eventually departed as did my spouse, so I was home alone, and the house felt empty.

So time for Cat #4, the current cat in residence, Gammo Speng the Tom. Why Gammo Speng ? well there is an mainly uninteresting story behind the name. Gammo was one of a litter my friend Vicky had inherited, which needed re-housing. At the very moment I agreed to the adoption, the name Gammo Speng appeared on the TV. We had been cruising the late night Sky radio channels and landed on a Reggae station. Apparently the real , no the human Gammo is a famous Reggae DJ. Anyway, I liked the name and it stuck (unfortunately). Gammo is a lovely puss with just one failing, an insatiable sex drive. This is despite his being “sorted” at the vets, some time ago. He seems to be in denial about the state of his bits and he is on a never ending quest for things to hump. His current favourite is my poor duvet. Despite all that she is a lovely cat and when not shagging soft furnishings she is quite good company. ooops, I said *she* sorry I meant *he* .Its funny, after so many girl cats, I still struggle to call Gammo *he*…..Oh the irony !

“So much for the Cats, What about the Pigs”, I hear no one cry.

Well, during my blog haitus, or blogaitus if you wont, I found myself drawn into the shallow world of the Facebook and the shady underworld of Pig Balancing


A marriage of trivial and pointless in perfect harmony. I am proud that the group I founded now has over 81 members and is the fastest growing Union linked Stress Pig based group on the whole of the internet (probably).

To date this is by far the greatest waste of time I have discovered

Ladies and non ladies, I give you The Unison Stunt Pigs

  starburst 1Unison Stunt Pig Logo The Crane

among the spires Ham Stack 2

snouts hogfather 3 copy

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